The Company and subsidiaries have products divided by product categories/businesses consists of 4 types as follows:

1. Seaweed product is the Company’s main products consisting of 4 types which are:

1.1 Crispy Seaweed
is a processed seaweed that fried with oil seasoned with our unique spice. Crispy seaweed is cut into pieces and packed in a package under the trade name Taokaenoi, Taokaenoi Big Sheet, Konomi, Nora.

1.2 Grilled Seaweed
made from dipping seaweed in Taokaenoi’s propriety sauce and grilled on a unique design stove. The product is packed in an individual sachet or formed before packing in a sachet. The trade name is Taokaenoi BigRoll, Taokaenoi BigBag.

1.3 Roasted Seaweed
is made from roasting seaweed, powering with spice and pack. The trade name is Taokaenoi, Nora.

1.4 Tempura Seaweed
is made by dipping seaweed in flour and fried until crispy and glow in yellow color and powder with spice. The trade name is Taokaenoi Tempura, Taokaenoi Hi-Tempura, Taokaenoi Salted Egg.

2. Non-seaweed is other consumer products which include:

2.1 Supplement products
Whey Protein - My Whey, Back-Up
Supplementary, My Whey Protein
Power Bar

2.2 Extrude snack and other snacks
Kobuk (Crispy Roasted Corn Snack),
Corn War (Crispy Corn Snack),
Z-Roll Farm, crispy potato chips
wrapped with seaweed, TinTen,fish snack

2.3 Beverages products
such as Taiwanese milk tea - Just Drink

3. TKNRF’s businesses include stores and restaurants, namely below.

3.1 Taokaenoi Land
The snack store sells snacks and souvenirs for tourists.

3.2 Japanese curry on rice “Hinoya”
is a quick-service restaurant that the Company has acquired to run the franchise from Japan.

3.3 Bomber Dog
is a food kiosk that serves special hot dogs unique with special flour, topped with various season powder and sauces.

To adjust the business to be consistent with corporate growth, the Company has categorized snacks and other products by their properties to release to the market within 3-5 years ahead. The Company plans to increase product proportion in non-seaweed which includes

  1. Plant Base Snack is a plant-based food/snack.
  2. Protein Snack- food/snack contain a high volume of protein.
  3. Premium Snack is the food/snack that can add value to the products offered at an expensive rate.
  4. Supplementary include other supplementary products.